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Study Course for Technology, Theory and Design
at the University Bremen
and the University of the Arts Bremen


Registration for Master Projects - now open

The registration for the upcoming master projects is open until Fe­bru­ary 22nd!

First Meeting with Fabien Maheu

in case you missed fabien maheu’s interesting and quite media-related lecture tonight. he announced the dates for the first meetings. if you are interested send an email to: animoplex(at) with *name* and *specification*. the first meetings will take place on:

* 21.10.2014 10:00 2 14.020
* 22.10.2014 10:00 2 14.020

Informationen zur Semesterbegrüssung Digitale Medien WS2014-15

* Useful Information for Digital Media Students
* Slides der Semesterbegrüssung
* Liste von Lehrveranstaltungen HfK DM

Additional Information for *Block* Media Design Courses

*block course* please register by sending an email to Dennis Paul till 20.10.2014
dates will be negotiated with lecturers

If you want to stay in the loop, subsribe to *Announce*


Opening 2.10.14 20:00 / Exhibition 3–5.10.14 17–19:00 / at IMMIGRATION OFFICE Am Dobben 36 Bremen
An exhibition by Annisa Utami / Jonas Otto / Oliver Noelting / Lucia Mendelova / Irena Kukric / Julian Hespenheide / Jasna Dimitrovska / Peter Buczkowski / David Beermann

Florian Born Finalist beim German Design Award

Bachelorabsolvent der HfK Finalist beim German Design Award

Auslandspraktikum - Webdevelopment - Valencia, Spanien

GeeksHubs sucht für 6 Monate einen Praktikanten in Valencia - Spanien

Peter Buczkowski: Mogli mentioned at Core77 Design Awards 2014


Vollversammlung Digitale Medien: 03.07.2014 12:00 MZH1400

Für alle Studierenden im Studiengang Digitale Medien: Der StuGa Digitale Medien ruft zur Vollversammlung auf.

Master-Project-Presentation: Fr 11th April 10:00 HfK Auditorium

on Friday will be the annually final presentations of the master projects.


Semester Welcome Digital Media at HfK Summr 2014


Master Project Registration - until March 16th!!

Please register for the upcoming Master Projects!

Auslandssemester: zusätzliche Partnerhochschule in Madrid

Es gibt eine neue Partnerhochschule in Madrid (Spanien). Sie taucht bereits in der Liste der Partnerhochschulen auf.